Thursday, March 21, 2013

Viewing Comets

I think there's a new comet out there, which I must remember to look for.  

I've always loved comets, and remember getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning in Santa Fe in junior high to go out into the front yard and see whichever one that was.

They are like shooting stars frozen in place, except more of fire than ice.  They are surely good omens, friendly visitants.  They must have puzzled prehistoric, prescientific people, and told them fantastic stories.

image:  Yehuda Edri


  1. no wonder you see the world as you do.
    how lovely to live formative years in a place like santa fe.
    i haven't been there in ages. it may be very different now from when i was there. but i found it magical.

    1. Yes, Santa Fe is like nowhere else (even now). You need to visit again, Tammy.

  2. I love watching the stars too. The other day I had to go out on the balcony, all wrapped up in a down blanket like a spring roll, and look at Orion for a few minutes. It was never this bright this year. Betelgeuse was so visible, and I could see Taurus, but not the Pleiades.
    I spent entire days watching stars and comets when I was younger.
    Keep doing it!

    1. I love the image of you wrapped up like a spring roll! That makes me smile every time I think of it. And star-watching, too. The comet is due in November, they say, so let's look forward! (And up...)