Saturday, February 16, 2013

Circling the Wagons

Crushed by discouragement late yesterday, I’m gathering things around me this morning that make me feel happy and brave.
  • these Matisse red onions
  • warm hot cross buns, with custard and raisins and bits of red candied cherries
  • the thought of Café Sabarsky (that indulgent Viennese coffee house), in uptown Manhattan
  • a recipe for Treviso style spareribs, pan-roasted with sage
  • an old Josephine Tey mystery, The Man in the Queue, to reread under a flowered quilt
  • the young Luciano Pavarotti singing “O Dolore
  • half-written stories I want to finish
  • the phoebe out the kitchen window

image:  Henri Matisse, The Red Onions

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