Thursday, July 26, 2012

So Many Things

Some things that make me happy:

cool summer mornings
grilled eggplant
starting a new book
the color of nasturtiums
Maya spiced chocolate
the smell of rain on a dirt path
Mesa Verde
wandering around Aosta
friends being happy
linguini con vongole
blackberry Hint
the sound of water sprinklers
clean white pillowcases
feeling a dog’s cold nose against my cheek
tubes of watercolor paints
the thought of being in this yellow room
having so many things that make me happy


  1. All of these things also make me happy!
    Especially the wet nose of a dog against my cheek. And the Maya spiced chocolate. Also the pillowcases make me happy.
    I guess there are many more for me, but still...
    Know what? I think these things you listed would make anyone happy!

  2. Sadly, I'm afraid there are people (and I know some) who miss out on all the quiet joy that such things provide us. Let us count ourselves fortunate—and have a very, very happy weekend!