Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Calm: Reading

I love the natural voice of this eight-year-old author, and only wish my own was half as unguarded and charming.
"And all the times I was picking up potatoes, I did have conversations with them.  Too, I did have thinks of all their growing days there in the ground, and all the things they did hear.  Earth-voices are glad voices, and earth-songs come up from the ground through the plants; and in their flowering, and in the days before these days are come, they do tell the earth-songs to the wind ... I have thinks these potatoes growing here did have knowings of star-songs." 

Opel Whiteley, 8 years of age, The Singing Creek where the Willows Grow - The Mystical Nature Diary of Opal Whiteley, Penguin, 1994
 I had to order the book, to read the rest of it.  Preferably sitting under a tree, listening to the earth-voices and earth-songs.

image:  The Singing Creek, Hayley Barker

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