Friday, January 13, 2012

Neighborhood Watch

We are to write about our neighborhood, for the poetry class I’m taking from Continuing Studies.  What comes to mind immediately is
. the escaped Egyptian Cranes
. Wallace Stegner writing about oaks and Eucalyptus and Denmark, nearby (before he died in the hospital where I was born, two states away)
. the quails
. song coming from the synagogue at dusk
. the vineyard bare in winter, like the crosses (I imagine) on the Somme, the other battlefields in France
. the green meteor that landed one December in the neighbors’ pasture back beyond the little fruit trees—apple, pear
. the horses up on Deer Creek Road, next to the software companies, Tesla
. the name of our lane, from the Algonquin
. the owls in the darkness that we never see but are somehow profoundly comforting

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