Sunday, November 20, 2011

Color of the Day


As I wrote in a creative nonfiction piece—

At the Musée Maillol, a few blocks from our hotel and close to the shop that displays cheeses in its windows like priceless jewels, there is the special Bonnard exhibit we learned about by chance.  Most of the paintings are from private collections and many are truly radiant, including "The Red Roof," my newest poster.  In the original the chartreuse isn't so shockingly chartreuse.  (And what is chartreuse?  It's a liqueur, but also Stendhal's famous charterhouse— and along with lavender and snake-skin, the most popular color in Parisian fashions this fall.  We see it in all the shops in Saint-Germain.  That doesn’t make me any fonder of it.)

image:  Mutant Shrimp-Chartreuse

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